Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil

Heya Girlies,

So today i will be reviewing Sephora 12 hour contour eye pencil which claims to be a 12 hour wear.It is from their own brand and guys whichever product i have used from Sephora brand leaves me amazed. This is one of the buys which you do when you are walking down the makeup aisle ,then you try the product on your hand and it straight away goes in the shopping bag because you liked it so much. 😀



Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil

Bought it From: Sephora U.S

Price: $10 each (Rs. 650 approx)

Can be bought from any Sephora Outlet

Currently available shades : Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil are available in 3 types of finish.

1 – MATTE FINISH : available shades 04

01 Black Lace (Black) , 03 5th Avenue ( Grey ), 13 Tiramisu ( Brown ),  31 Purple Stilettos ( Purple )

2- GLITTER FINISH : available shades 09

 02 Clubbing Stilettos (Black) ,  04 Starry Sky (Grey) , 12 Cappuccino (Brown Glitter),  18 Diving in Malaysia (Black Green),  21 Fairytale ( Golden Green),  22 Indulge Yourself (Flashy Green),  25 Galaxy Girl (Black Blue),  32 Tango Night ( Black Purple),  35 Romantic Comedy ( Flashy Pink), 

3-SHIMMER FINISH : available shades 12

06 Blonde Ambition ( Beige),  08 Sun Tan (Copper),  14 Cocoa (Chocolate),  15 Flirting Game (Taupe), 19 Go For A Ride (Dark Green),  20 Good Mood (Jade),  23 Summer Cruise (Turquoise),  24 Surfer Babe (Peacock Blue),  26 Suede Shoes (Petro Blue),  29 My Boyfriend’s Jeans (Electric Blue),  30 Eccentric Diva (Purple),  33 Love Affair (Plum)


Packaging: Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil comes as a open cap style. This pencil is not a retractable one so need sharpner for this .I personally do not prefer to buy such pencils for which i need to carry a sharpner but colors are amazing i could not stop myself 😀


Shades:  14 – Cocoa which is a chocolate shade.This color is in shimmer finish.

18 – Diving in Malaysia which is a blackish green shade with golden glitters.This shade is in glitter finish.

My Take: Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencils are soft in Texture which makes application really easy.It does not irritate my eyes.Claims of 12 hour stay is quite true.Stayed longer than expected.Shade no. 18 which has glitter finish does not contain any kind of chunkiness.Both colors looks good on Indian skin tone.

Eye Swatch of Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil Shade no. 14 – Cocoa


Eye Swatch of Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil Shade no. 18 – Diving in Malaysia



Pros of Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil :

• Smooth texture
• Smudge proof
• Pigmented
• Waterproof
• Does not irritate eyes

Cons of Sephora 12 hour Contour Eye Pencil:

• No Retractable Packaging