Hey Lovelies,

I am Ayachika , born n brought up in Delhi ,India. Single!  makeup addict !  hardcore Pizza lover !  shopaholic ! & a Globetrotter

I created this blog to share my experiences,fashion,beauty , makeup & everything related to any girl’s life. I have a full time job which includes lots of traveling around the globe *wink* . I’am a flight attendant by profession & I  love my job because it lets me explore many part of this beautiful world and lets me buy different products from different countries which make me more of a makeup junkie ? and along with that i get to travel a lot to the places i never thought i would.

I remember when i first time applied eyeliner for a school function when i was in standard 7th ?. I always had n still have the passion for beauty & makeup but i took a long time to finally share everything i know with other beauties out there. Well its better late than never!

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